What is skip tracing

Skip tracing is the art of locating people. One of the most common cases a skip tracer will do is locating debtors, people that owe money to banks and debt collection agencies. A skip tracer will normally locate people by using paid databases, obtaining information freely available on the internet or by speaking with friends and relatives of the "subject". The term "Skip Tracer" comes from the old saying "To Skip Town".

This referrers to a person that has left without letting people know or simply leaving in the night. Over the years a Skip Tracer's tool kit has increased with the internet and sites like Facebook, Linkedin and other social media platforms. The internet alone has been the greatest addition to a Skip Tracer's resources. Before, the only way to get information was to "Dumpster Dive" and rely on contacts and pretexting. This has also created a divide in the industry by creating a different breed of Skip Tracer.

Quick Check - This is just typing a person's name into a paid database and seeing if anything comes up.

Desk Detective - A Skip Tracer that does all their work from a desk and doesn't venture outdoors. Most OSINT specialists will fall under this category.

Skip Tracer - The real deal. A skip tracer that has mastered the age-old art of sleuthing. They will use old and modern techniques and has no issues in getting out in the field when required.

Each area of Skip Tracing is profitable and interesting in its own way. But nothing can beat the real deal. The fun, excitement and who doesn't enjoy some good old sleuthing! The most important tool in a Skip Tracer's belt is their knowledge and attitude. This can't be replaced by databases or Facebook.

A Skip Tracer's knowledge will tell them where to look, who to speak to, how to speak to them and what to ask. Skip Tracing doesn't always have to result in hours of searching, a person can be located in a matter of seconds in some cases (surprisingly, a lot of cases).


Privacy is a big issue when it comes to any form of investigation. You’re not dealing with basic consumer information. You are dealing with intimate details in some cases, information that isn’t normally collated and stored in one place. There are several reasons you will be asked to locate people; criminal matters, debts, missing persons, missing/hidden assets to name a few.

It doesn’t matter what the reason is, you should always respect another person's privacy.

A lot of people believe the have a right to privacy and they control their own information. In reality you don’t! There are laws in just about every country that cover privacy to some degree. That doesn’t secure any rights if you give your data away.

People are giving away information everyday without any thought of how or when that information can be used. Simply conducting a Google search gives advertisers a lot of information about you. The transactions you make also gives advertisers a lot of information about you.

When working with data, it is important to only collect what is relevent for your case and report what is relevent to your clients.

Our Professionals

We work with love and passion.
Our team is high experience and professional

Nadia Roddcharoen

Account Manager

Nadia is a comprehensive Skip Tracer with extensive skills in obtaining information where most simply can’t. She is a master in OSINT and Online investigations. Nadia has worked on Australia’s most wanted cases and a large number of cheating partner online investigations. If there is information online, Nadia will find it.

Darren Whiteman


Darren our Trace Specialist has an enthusiastic and passionate approach giving him a reputation for providing efficient and quality service in tracing individuals. He is fully qualified in OSINT and online investigations. His extensive training, qualifications and our unique data resource ensures his accurate and quality service time and time again. Darren specialises in difficult cases, cases that most other skip tracers walk away from

Brad Lyons

Consulting Director

Brad Lyons is a career Skip Tracer, author and developer with a background in debt collection and investigations. Brad has long been a consultant to the banking and finance sector specialising in debt collection. Brad is a data scientist and OSINT developer who enjoys developing new technology and supporting companies with his innovations. He has assisted one of the largest skip tracing databases in the country producing ground breaking technology and systems.