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Global Skip Tracing provides cost effective skip tracing solutions to clients of all sizes. Our clients range from private investigators to lenders and collection companies. At Global Skip Tracing we value our clients and our staff ensuring both enjoy their experience with us. We use the most advanced technology and exclusive data sets to assist with the location process. Innovation is what drives our company.

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Global Skip Trace provides customer location services to a wide range of industries.
We use the latest technology and techniques to help you get back in contact with your customers.

Our Vision & Mission

What makes us different? A lot of companies out their claim to be using the latest technology and techniques, but have you asked them what they mean by this?

We don’t just have the latest technology, we created it. We have our own internal database with millions of records. We have created our own internal custom tools to help our team locate people faster. We also teach the art of Skip tracing, OSINT and online investigations

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Our Professionals

We work with love and passion.
Our team is high experience and professional

Nadia Roddcharoen

Account Manager

Nadia is a comprehensive Skip Tracer with extensive skills in obtaining information where most simply can’t. She is a master in OSINT and Online investigations. Nadia has worked on Australia’s most wanted cases and a large number of cheating partner online investigations. If there is information online, Nadia will find it.

Darren Whiteman


Darren our Trace Specialist has an enthusiastic and passionate approach giving him a reputation for providing efficient and quality service in tracing individuals. He is fully qualified in OSINT and online investigations. His extensive training, qualifications and our unique data resource ensures his accurate and quality service time and time again. Darren specialises in difficult cases, cases that most other skip tracers walk away from

Brad Lyons

Consulting Director

Brad Lyons is a career Skip Tracer, author and developer with a background in debt collection and investigations. Brad has long been a consultant to the banking and finance sector specialising in debt collection. Brad is a data scientist and OSINT developer who enjoys developing new technology and supporting companies with his innovations. He has assisted one of the largest skip tracing databases in the country producing ground breaking technology and systems.