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Global Skip Tracing provides cost effective skip tracing solutions to clients of all sizes. Our clients range from private investigators to lenders and collection companies. At Global Skip Tracing we value our clients and our staff ensuring both enjoy their experience with us. We use the most advanced technology and exclusive data sets to assist with the location process. Innovation is what drives our company.

Our Service

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Customer Location

Global Skip Tracing can get you back in contact with your customers. We are compliant with all government regulations for this space and ensure your name is protected. One of our sayings internally is “When you are about to do something, always ask yourself How would this look on A Current Affairs?”.

We have your company's best interest in mind and always ensure everything we do is compliant and morral.

Data Washing

If you have a large number of customers you would like updated information on, data washing could be the best time and cost effective solution for you. We can process millions of records in a single wash to give you more updated information and additional information that can assist with your internal scoring models.

We can also append our own scoring models such as financial hardship, propensity to pay, legal viability, property ownership, directorship to name a few.

Background Checks

Our background checks can help you make informed decisions.Background checks are used for many different reasons, from pre-employment checks, investor due diligence through to dating profile checks. Our background checks are extensive and are conducted over a 1 week period to ensure we capture all possible information to assist you. Read more...

Commercial Locations

Commercial locations are something we specialize in. We have developed our own techniques and tools that allow us to locate company directors, key employees and assets. We have developed ways to identify people that attempt to hide behind complex company structures and phoenix companies.


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Not like other skip tracing service, we develop our own skip tracing tools, so that we can locate customers within minutes.

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We don't only know how to locate people, we are the people that train the industry. We teach industry compliance and investigation techniques.

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Each week, we provide our clients with update reports, so you can track all your customers

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We offer low volume skip tracing, and you will still get professional skip tracing service