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Global Skip Tracing provides cost effective skip tracing solutions to clients of all sizes. Our clients range from private investigators to lenders and collection companies. At Global Skip Tracing we value our clients and our staff ensuring both enjoy their experience with us. We use the most advanced technology and exclusive data sets to assist with the location process. Innovation is what drives our company.

Background checks

Global Skip Tracing background checks are the most advanced checks in the industry!

What is a background check?

Background checks are used for many different reasons, from pre-employment checks, investor due diligence through to dating profile checks. Our background checks are extensive and are conducted over a 1 week period to ensure we capture all possible information to assist you.

A background check is generally requested to help you determine if a person is who they say they are. This could be to determine if they are a real person or a scammer (in the case of dating profiles), if they have the qualifications they claim, employment history, criminal history and even travel history.

A background check isn’t as simple as most companies claim they are. In a lot of dating cases, we conduct image analysis and profiling techniques to validate the information that has been provided. Our background checks are not simple database searches, they are thorough and in-depth to help give you the answers you seek.

What makes our background checks different?

Most companies will offer background checks that are basically paid database searches with a little social media searching added. A Global Skip Tracing background check is very involved. We still conduct paid database searches and deep social searches, along with in-depth research into the information provided and profiling techniques.

Image analysis is also conducted on all images you submit. And when we say image analysis, we don’t mean we simply upload your photo into software and see what comes back, we conduct manual image analysis. We have conducted these checks for multiple government agencies around the world and the corporate sector.

We have been involved in a large number of scammer investigations saving the Australian public millions of dollars and also provide preventative scammer alerts to the government and private sector.


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